Gerald’s Game (2017)

Directed by Mike Flanagan


Sometimes the simplest premise makes for a deliciously chilling ride. In an effort to jump start their failing marriage, Gerald and wife Jessie take to their lake house for a weekend of adventurous role-play and sexual escapades, but things go… wrong.

I saved this film for a night when I couldn’t find anything else to watch. My expectations were low, but it didn’t take long to realize I wasn’t watching another lazy Stephen King adaptation. Gerald’s Game is actually quite good, with the majority of the film being carried more than capably by actor Carla Gugino who is given the impossible task of performing while chained to a bed. There are a few particularly unnerving scenes, one of which I’ve featured here, and another that is incredibly difficult to watch.

So, move this one out of your when-you-can’t-find-anything-else pile and give it a shot!

— B

My rating: 7/10

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